Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Embrace Christianity Now!

Posted over on Ray Comfort's blog May 21, 2010:

Hey people! Give up that confusing and silly science mumbo jumbo and embrace Christianity now!

As a Christian, here's what you will get:

You can worship a God that snuffs out the lives of innocent babies! It's okay though, because they all got a one-way ticket to Heaven! Glory!
(1 Kings 14:1-17, 2 Samuel 12:14-18 )(Exodus 12:29-30)

You can worship a God that wagers with Satan, killing a man's entire family to test his faith! If you are really lucky, it could happen to you and just like Job, God will give you new kids even better looking than before! Imagine your pride in owning the most beautiful daughters in the entire city!
(Job 1:18-19)

You can worship a god that commanded Moses' army to slaughter an entire people, but to keep the virgins for themselves! Hubba hubba!
(Numbers 31:1-35)

You can worship a God that commanded a father to murder his own child! Try it out on your own child and see if that pesky angel shows up to spoil your fun! Darn it!
(Genesis 22:1-24)

You can worship a "perfect creator" whose first creation was so imperfect that he drowned nearly every one, including innocent animals! He could have snapped his holy fingers and made them instantly disappear, but hey, what's the Godly fun in that? Drowning entails glorious suffering!
(Genesis 7:23)

You can worship a God that allows human suffering and starvation on a massive scale, yet will answer your insignificant personal prayers! Imagine how special you will feel when God comes to your aid on the very same day He allows 20,000 children to die from starvation!

Just like Ray, you can accuse non-believers of hating life, loving sin, and destined for hell, and not feel self-righteous, judgmental, or arrogant at all! You will speak with God's authority!But wait, there's more!

Best of all, there's a lifetime warranty! When your miserable experience on earth comes to an end, you will be dancing in Heaven with your pal Jesus (and all those babies!) knowing that the majority of God's own creation, including your friends and family, are being tortured in Hell for eternity... just as they deserved! Paaaartay!

Non-Christians, God could have you hit by a truck tomorrow! Don't waste another minute and sign up today!

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