Monday, November 05, 2007

The Prophet, The Children, and The Bears

I often tell folks that when you go to church, you never hear a sermon about the bad stuff in the bible. I was wrong.

Grace Baptist Church in Fremont California took on one of my favorite 'bad' stories in the bible. Not only did Pastor Michael Phillips take on this subject for his congregation, he tailored the subject to be presented directly to the children of his church. The link below provides a very short written version, which is fun, but the real gem is the full length 43 minute recording of his sermon “The Prophet, The Children, and The Bears”. Grab a cup of joe, snuggle up on the couch, gather ‘round the kids, and soak this in:

Now, if you are a Christian, I would love to hear your viewpoint of this sermon. Did you enjoy it? Do you think it is appropriate for children of all ages? Do you think it was God inspired? Is this what you are teaching your child?

Since I don't expect any responses to this, I will go ahead and give you my opinion:

This sermon is blatant child abuse. It is a perfect example of everything I detest about conservative christianity.