Monday, July 20, 2009

God is Guilty of Murder, Simplified

According to Christianity, God is omniscient, omnipotent, and perfectly loving. Based on the Bible, the following has occurred:

1. Nothing existed (well, except God of course)
2. God created everything, including us.
3. A bunch of stuff happens.
4. God kills King David’s baby boy to punish David (see 2 Samuel chapter 11-13). By the way, dozens of stories of God killing babies could be used here. This is merely my favorite.

I submit that it makes no difference whatsoever what happened during Step 3. If a perfect creator creates the universe out of nothing, the creator is directly responsible for whatever happens, and God is a murderer, plain and simple.

It’s so simple, yet Christians will dance, twist, distort, and redefine the English language to handle this obvious truth. They are brainwashed, plain and simple.

Here’s some analogies to help you:

1. A computer programmer creates and distributes a computer virus that under certain totally random conditions will decide to trash the host PC's hard drive. Who is responsible for this destruction? A Christian’s answer: The virus. My answer: The programmer!

2. A Pit Bull owner lets his dog run loose at a local park and “Killer” mauls a baby. Who is at fault? A Christian’s answer: The Pit Bull. My answer: The dog owner!

3. A father tells Tommy, his 4 year old son, to not eat the cookies that are placed on the table while he runs to the store. The father explains to Tommy that if he does, his hand will be chopped off. While at the store, Tommy’s mother tells Tommy it’s okay to have a cookie, which Tommy does. The father comes home, asks Tommy what happened to the cookies, and Tommy tells his dad that he ate them, as Mom said it was okay. The father holds his son’s arm to the table, raises a knife, and chops off his sons hand as he yells at his son “It was your choice!” Who is at fault? A Christians answer: Tommy. My answer: The father.

What would your answer be?


dannydamagichobo said...

Hahahaha very true.

And if only God existed, what could possibly have made him want to create US? -_-''

However, it is also a logical fallacy that such a God exists, for he either doesn't love us or doesn't have the power to save us O.o. Or it could be that he isn't all knowing. He can't be all three, if we are to assume that reality exists and we are not in the matrix -_-''

Zedge said...

If you can foresee a series of consequence stemming from your actions, no matter how far removed or how much time has passed; you are still responsible, if you follow through with that action.

God creates man, man creates evil. Since god knows that man will create evil, god is responsible for creating evil. God is evil.


Dave B said...

Zedge, perfectly and succinctly stated! Thanks for stopping by!

JD Curtis said...

However, it is also a logical fallacy that such a God exists, for he either doesn't love us or doesn't have the power to save us

The only logical fallacy here is assuming that you know the mind of God. Since when is it written that that God must clock-down and explain himself to dannydamagichobo every time he gets stuck and doesnt quite get it? There have been times in the past where I thought it was unjust that I didnt get what I considered a proper break in life only to persevere and be rewarded all that much more when a better opportunity came along.

Or it could be that he isn't all knowing

When you explored the "Open View of God", what did you think of it as a logical explanation? (Insert the sound of [Open View God] being typed into search engines here)

God creates man, man creates evil. Since god knows that man will create evil, god is responsible for creating evil. God is evil.

Wildly untrue. God gave man the capacity to exercise an entire range of possibilities for his actions from really bad to really good. When one chooses to love God and follow in his ways, this is done despite having the freedom to reject Him. Would you rather be attached to someone who was "programmed" to love you or someone who loves you out of their own volition?

If you still think that God is responsible for evil, go rob a bank tomorrow and when the police arrest you, tell them it isnt your fault or responsibility. It was God!

Dave B said...

JD said, “If you still think that God is responsible for evil, go rob a bank tomorrow and when the police arrest you, tell them it isnt your fault or responsibility. It was God!”

Actually JD, that’s partly true. Since God knew that bank robbery was going to take place tomorrow before he created us, he indeed could be blamed. Unfortunately for Zedge, however, he would be criminally responsible for the robbery and likely go to jail.

You said Zedge’s comments about God’s responsibility were “wildly untrue”, yet provided only Christian rhetoric, with no logical relevance at all.

I’ll repeat my computer analogy: Suppose I wrote a computer virus that was capable of making it’s own decisions, choosing “right” from “wrong” based on A.I.. I know when I write this virus that it will sometimes choose “wrong” and trash a victims hard drive. Would I be responsible for the damage that virus creates? Absolutely. Care to describe using only logic what is wrong with this simple analogy?

dannydamagichobo said...


Apparently you don't know my mind, either. After making such a criticism, one would think that you are implying that YOU know the mind of this God who is beyond understanding. The logical fallacy here is not that God doesn't explain, but that he does not show himself in any physical way whatsoever. And please don't tell me it was Jesus, that was 2000 years ago, and I'm talking about now. I don't want have to read about other's experieces for me to understand God; I want to have my own. And if He isn't going to give that to me, you cannot expect me to throw away every bit of logic and reasoning in my head in order for me to accept him.

And in the wide scheme of things, it would have been better for Him to not have bothered creating us. I mean, he loves everyone yet created many for the purpose of being cast into hell? Does that make sense? No, and I am not willing to throw away my own mind AGAIN in order to believe in something so ridiculous.

In addition, if I were either stupid or desperate enough to rob a bank, I won't just blame it on God. I'll blame it on you ;p

One more thing. Good and Evil don't exist. Not as complete polar opposites anyway. How can you tell me, who knows about the history of Christianity, even among it's most devoted and glorified followers, and of the events in the old testament, and understands that their viewpoints of Good and Evil changed and differed even between the closest of believers (eg. James and Paul), that your version of Good and Evil are objective and absolute? Apparently, burning people at the stake for blasphemy and forcing people into Christianity (cough cough Constatine cough cough) were accepted at those times.

That's not to say, however, that I disagree with everything about Christianity. Perhaps if you read some of Dave's other blogs and see my comments, you will understand me a little better. That is, provided that you are not looking at them only to use them against me in your rebuttal :]

dannydamagichobo said...

another thing JD

I read the open view if Godon franciscan-anglican/forknowledge.htm

It is very and most obviously a ploy by these "Christians" to try and make sense out of a God that has none, assuming that the Bible is 100% accurate in your doctrine. If you do not believe that, well, at least we agree on something.

However, to believe in such a God as that website dictates is irresponsible and hypocritical. We both know the scriptures in which God claims omniscience and omnipotence with it, as well as claiming responsibility for both the "good and evil". Unless, of course, I'm taking it out of context ;].

Also, I must note that the website reminded me of C.S. Lewis, with his own reassurances in the Chronicles of Narnia that God wasn't all-knowing. It makes me laugh that the One who created all things and precedes time itself is not smart enough to know ahead of time what will happen, seeing as he created the laws of physics itself, etc.

An open view of God? Please. The real open view of God is understanding that the writers had different understandings and beliefs in God, and admitting that He does not exist, no matter hard hard you try and make him logical in your mind. United by the Holy Spirit? Please.

Out of curiostiy, what denomination do you consider yourself?