Monday, January 16, 2006

#4: Science

The bible is totally absurd from a scientific point of view. Genesis is a contradictory mess for a reasonable explanation of how the universe was formed. It reflects precisely what was believed by man at the time and shows not even a hint of divine guidance in this area. The earth is flat and held up by 4 pillars. Earth and heaven are separated by a “firmament” with water stored above, and little points of light that are so small they can fall to earth. This is what man believed, not what God knew. God's Word? Hardly.


Rowan said...

I just posted yesterday about a Christian "Science Fair: in MN. Truly scary stuff.

Dave said...

Scary indeed.

I love the “How stable was the Ark in strong winds?” project. Perhaps the answer was “Who cares? God would keep it upright no matter what anyway!”

It would be fun to think of some other good science/Christian fair projects, such as:

- “How much water would be required to cover the highest mountain?”
- “Where’d the water come from?”
- “Assuming an equal distribution, how many dead floating human bodies would be visible from the ark?”

Okay, I’m getting pissed off again. I’ll stop.

Also, I just don’t understand home schooling. But that’s a whole new subject.