Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Sucker Re-Born Every Minute

Check out this website:

Soak it in for a bit. Check out the products, the descriptions of how they work. Realize that this is a multi-million dollar tax-free organization. Then check out this website:


I am coming to the conclusion that the human brain has evolved to such a complex level that it is almost unable to function. Kind of like Windoze. How can people buy into this crap? Oh wait, I used to be a Christian. Never mind.

PS A functional knowledge of "The Placebo Effect" is very helpful, not only when going to sites such as this one, but life in general. See


Rowan said...

This is some insane stuff. You just never know where you're going to find people hoping for a miracle. I was watching 30 Days this evening. It featured a guy who was trying all sorts of anti-aging crap...from testosterone and growth hormone shots to fish oil pills and stringent cardio workouts.

I know people who've spent tons of energy and time figuring out ways to live without working.

I think everybody's looking for their own personal version of a get rich quick scheme.

Crazy world.

Anonymous said...

How do these multi-million dollar scams happen? The answer is in your P.S. - "the placebo effect." Professional and magical suggestions over time, or at the right moment, from the convincing and charismatic sellers and the already convinced, non-discriminating users. Once you buy the first product, you're in a belief system where opportunity for improvement in life comes through an expensive plastic "healing card" or other silliness such as "kaballah water." There's then no way out except for those who manage to wake up, admit they've been duped and accept the loss of good sense and money. For some people that can take decades, while free will and an opportunity for living disappears.

Dave said...

Great to see you posting here Rowan! I've got to try watching that 30 Days show. And hey, happy birthday!!

Anonymous, very well put! Thank you for contributing!

Uncle Fatso said...

I really like that 30 days show. It's very interesting. I always wish they could pick smarter fellows spending 30 days in something. Like the two I always think of is the middle-class-white guy spending 30 days in San Fran with a gay guy or the same MCWG spending the month with a muslim family. I wish they chose more intelligent dudes who could stand up for's like they go into a situation and face something challenging only to respond with something like, "I dunno...'cause the bible says so..." or "That's just wrong. It's wrong."

I only wish the dudes could offer a better conversation with their hosts. Se la vi.

Rowan said...

Any time, Dave. I try to stop by whenever I check my blogroll.
I really enjoy your perspective.