Saturday, October 01, 2005

Just for Kids...

Okay, people, I’m pissed off about Christianity again today.

For commuting entertainment, if Howard Stern isn’t on the radio, I’ll sometimes jump over to a Christian radio station. From the sublime to the ridiculous. Or is it the ridiculous to the sublime? You decide.

In either case, there’s plenty to choose from here in the Bible Belt.

Anyway, on the drive to work this morning (Saturday, about 8:00 am), no Howard, so I switched the radio to Bank #2. NPR was, sorry, just too dull for someone half-asleep, so I checked out the God Stations. I found this slick, catchy, Christian radio show geared for kids. Kind of like Radio Disney with God. A song was playing which was a weird combination of Brittney/Christina/Hillary type crapola, but with lyrics about what a great friend Jesus is. Lot’s of bass. The song ended, and some sugary DJ came on, all upbeat, perky, and to me terribly condescending, but then I’m 50. (I’m 50! I can kick, stretch, and kick!) He makes a perky enthusiastic reference to I went back to NPR.

Okay, nothing earth shaking here, so what am I pissed about? Go to and click on the link "Kids, here’s something just for you…" and browse through the presentation. Come back and see if you can guess…

Okay, I don’t really expect any responses, at least from Christians, since this is really my own private personal blog/diary thing for some kind of weird personally-imposed therapy, but I’ll act like people really do care about what I say and come here. I’ll wait a day or two, and if I’m still pissed, carry on…


Uncle Fatso said...

Boy! Pissed off? I'd be pissed working on a Saturday too! (Just kidding...) It sounds like you span the radio frequencies there in Texas. We only have three or four stations period out here!

Hey, did you watch that video? That was something else! If you liked that little vid you should check out this one: This is pretty good.

Well, if it doesn't ease the pissy smell, it might make you chuckle or snort.

By the way, I plead the fifth regarding that little needhim jazz.

Dave said...

Ben! Thanks for stopping by!

Which video are you asking if I watched? I checked out your link too. Cool video, and there’s a lot of great ones there. In fact, there’s a video there I’ll mention in my rant if I get to it. It’s the one where small Palestine children are holding weapons and explaining to a reporter how much they hate Israeli Jews. The video is Very disturbing.

Well, what the heck, I’ll rant a bit right now. I’m taking advantage of your post, but my rant is in no way a reflection of how I feel about you personally at all. I think you’re swell.

Since you are a Christian that believes the Bible is the sovereign word of God, I know you will reject this, but at least think about it.

I assume some day you’ll be a father. Are you going to encourage your children to accept Christ at the earliest age possible, such as is shown on Are you going to send your children to Christian pre-school? Are you going to home school your children so they aren’t exposed to the crap they get in secular public schools? Are you, as the Bible commands, going to be sure your children’s pals are Christians too?

Are you going to read to your children at night “Children’s Stories from the Bible”? I did, and it was a turning point for me. I was explaining to my children why God would test Abraham by demostrating his willingness to murder his own son. I was explaining to my children why God would slaughter the entire world with a horrific flood. I was explaining to my cghildren why God would kill every first born Egyptian child merely because the pharaoh’s God-hardened heart needed softening. It goes on and on. (Aren't you proud of me? I didn't even mention the bears!)

By the way, kids, God loves you! Unlike all those biblical children, He’d never kill you! Well, okay, actually, God would do even worse! If you don’t accept the preposterous notion that God created a son, Jesus, who was really God himself, whose sole purpose was to suffer and be murdered (those Jews again!) so that you, my dear child, could live forever, even though you’re an evil sinner and don’t deserve to live, well, then God has created a very special place for you! No, my dear child, you won’t die. You’ll suffer!!! FOREVER!!! Praise God!!!Bwaaaaahahaha!!!

I know you’ve heard me rant about this before first hand, but the link and the Palestine children video really drove home to me how religion, doesn’t really matter which one, rammed down kid’s throats does nothing but bring harm to the world.

I know you’re thinking that Christianity is different. Except for extremists, we don’t have children holding automatic weapons and spewing hatred. But seriously, my “asinine” rants above aside, we have children, adults, and a government that believe killing people, under God’s examples, guidance, and direction, can be justified.

It sickens me.

As a result of all this, I am encouraging my children to learn all they can about ALL religions. I want them to be fully functioning, rationale human beings when and if they choose a particular faith.

And finally, consider this: My daughters may someday be, its up to them, but they are not Christians. Yet they are loving, ethical, kind, full of life, and have hearts the size of Texas.

They love God. They just don’t yet pretend to know who He is.

Dave said...


First, Ben, I hope you understand my rant is directed at Christianity in general – not at you. I have a lot of respect for you and your beliefs. I don’t agree with them, perhaps, but you have arrived at your beliefs after careful consideration. A lot of Christians can’t make that claim.

Second, everyone, I’m not sure if the point I was originally trying to make came through. I’m not a child psychiatrist, obviously, but I have learned a lot as a father. Children are incredibly impressionable. When very young they soak stuff up without doubt or question. They are still learning what is right and wrong, and will accept pretty much anything if given in a parental environment.

Consider the Palestine children in the video. What they are saying is horrible. Is it because they are horrible? Of course not. If any of those children as newborns, for example, were put in a conservative Christian home, they would have become conservative Christians. If they had likewise been put in a Jewish home, the ones they are vowing to kill in the video, they would have grown up as devout Jews. If you think there is anything fundamentally different between these children and their parents and your children and you, not only are you wrong, but you are a racist.

My problem with religion is that it fuels discrimination. It makes people feel they are superior to others. The bible supports this view. It took me 40-some years to figure out that the concept of God having chosen people and to murder others is absolutely disgusting.

Fortunately for me, religion, although certainly present, was not rammed down my throat as a child. I suspect that if it was, I would die a Christian. Feeling superior. Feeling chosen. Somehow getting pleasure that I would be with God, yet most of the inferior humans would be tormented in Hell. Smug that I made that right decision, even if it was in conflict with the intelligence and reasoning that God gave me.

Now I know that if there is a loving God with a place for us to go, not only will I go there, everyone will. If I don’t, nobody will. If we are reincarnated, we all will be. If we just die, then so be it. In any case, because my life is not just some transitional period where I must prove my devotion to God and win his acceptance, life on earth is important in its own right. If I simply die at the end, then my spirit will live on through my children. Which brings me full circle. How can I possible look my children in the eyes, tell them that God loves them, then read them stories where this loving God murders his very own creations? I challenge any loving human being to come up with a scenario that is any sicker than that.

Uncle Fatso said...

...I'm just about to run out the door, so I'll respond in haste. I was just trying to send you the video of "Baby Got Bible." It's a pretty funny parody of Sir Mix-a-lot's original...

Christians do wierd stuff sometimes...

Rowan said...

Christianity had competition in its earliest times.
Ever hear of Mithra?

And a little something that I found to be rather interesting:

Thank you, Dave for keeping my mind rejuvenated.
It is so easy to rot to the dulcet sound of Blue’s Clues.

Dave said...

Excellent links Rowan!! Thanks! I was not aware of the similarities between Jesus and Mithra. I was aware of the similarities between Jesus and Krishna, and once listed them on that "other" family site. Didn't go over too well.

Of course, this doesn’t daunt the dedicated Christian. As states, “Some early Christian leaders attributed the similarities between Christianity and earlier religions to a trick of Satan. They felt that Satan had created many crucified saviors, born of virgins, before Jesus in order to discredit Christianity's uniqueness. Others attribute the similarities to coincidence.” Modern conservative Christians believe that “any similarity to legends about Krishna are either forgeries, or coincidences. There was no incorporation into the Christian Gospels of Pagan legends about the life of Krishna. The points of similarities must have resulted from other influences. There is no Krishna-Christ linkage; the topic is ridiculous; it is not even worth investigating. It is blasphemy to suggest such a connection.”

I’d be willing to wager that perhaps one out of a hundred Christians even know who Krishna or Mithra were. I certainly didn’t until fairly recently. Once they find out, the mindset is nearly impossible to change, and the cognitive dissonance thing kicks in big time, as demonstrated by the above.

Uncle Fatso said...

Hey, just a quick change of address: the Linx link you have listed is not my blog...that's actually a little brain storming sight a friend and I have. It doesn't really matter, but it's not that interesting to normal posting blog is

Just for the record.

Dave said...

Thanks Ben! I fixed your link. Gosh, I went over to Mumbo Jumbo and noticed I'm not in your list of family blogs. Gee, I'm a relative, so I wonder why that is? Hahaha, just teasing you Ben.

Uncle Fatso said...
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Uncle Fatso said...
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Uncle Fatso said...

...OK, well...I've fixed that little link problem. Sorry--I think I was super-gung-ho about this whole blog thing and got all my links and templates up and now it's lost the luster...I always have to make myself post--I don't normally have exciting things to post about. Oh well..

Dave said...

Ben! I was really just kidding you... I totally understand why you would not have a link to this blog on your blog. Seriously. In fact, if your co-workers find out you have a link to an ex-christian site, there may be repercussions. Anyway, think about it, and do not hesitate taking it off. I would totally understand.

I also understand what you are saying about blogging losing luster. I wanted to make an upbeat "sharable" blog suitable for friends and family, but just can't find the time or inspiration. I've slowed down on this site, but I keep it going becasue it is essential therapy for me.

I hope you keep your blog going, though, as I get a big kick out of it. Being so detached from the family (in more ways than one), it helps me stay connected. Besides, you're cool.

Love, Dave

Uncle Fatso said...

Well, I was a bit taken aback at first read of that last comment...I re-read it a couple times and am working through the point of your comment. At first read it seems almost patronizing...I suppose that comes more from a lack of information of who I am.

(this might all be completely overkill and unnecessary, but I just wanna share more of what I think.)

First, let me clear up the lack of linkage. You'll notice I don't even have Heather's blog linked (which I should fix) because I'm just not an avid updater.

Also, I'm proud to know you, to have your thoughts challenge or stimulate my beliefs. I have enjoyed our banter--even if neither of us has changed either of our overall perspective. I think you make a lot of good points, many of which I think need to be answered and addressed, many points deal more with American Christian ignorance on their own claimed beliefs.

One other thought: these last years here in Hawaii have challenged Kristin and me even more in our faith than you yourself. I am continually learning more about what I actually believe, my beliefs of God, and how that affects me and the people around me. I've posted a bit (probably somewhere archived) about (not-so-fun)leasons learned surrounded by these same Western-Christians.

Thanks for your concern, but please know that I care about you and what you think--I don't fear repercucions having you linked to my blog, but I am more than willing to face them.

Any belief unable to stand up to scrutiny or debate isn't much of a belief anyway.


Dave said...

Thank you Ben!

I think my last comment, the one that took you aback, may have been unclear. Did you understand that I was talking about me being detached from the family? And by saying “in more ways than one” I was referring to my geographical and spiritual separation. I shouldn’t say more about this until I am clear about what set you aback.

Thanks for the compliments. I am proud to know you too. A really appreciate that you are willing to listen to other viewpoints and to challenge your own beliefs.


Rowan said...

I left for a while and look what happened.
I'm glad you guys like each other. I like you, too.
Even though you two have fairly disparate beliefs, I enjoy discussing them with each of you. It's so refreshing to find people who THINK about what they believe.
Whether it obliterates one's faith or enriches it, it is always meaningful.

And Dave, as for the Mithra/Krishna information...I visited the "religious tolerance" site, when I was looking for good links. It was NOT among them. What a load of self-justifying propaganda.
I love the last line of your quote...

“The topic is ridiculous; it is not even worth investigating. It is blasphemy to suggest such a connection.”

Now that's an effective way to dismiss rational thought, isn't it?

Darn it my heart's racing again. Must be time to go contemplate my navel while searching for the meaning of the universe.