Thursday, July 07, 2005

Questions for Christians

How is it "unconditional love" when God has a special place of eternal torture for those that do not accept that Jesus is their saviour? Isn’t that the very definition of "conditional love"?

How can God have made the supreme sacrifice of giving up his only begotten son, when Jesus and God are one and the same? Besides, even if Jesus and God are separate, Jesus was raised from the dead to sit beside God. Where’s the huge sacrifice?

How can Eve be blamed for her "original sin" when at the time Eve made the decision to eat the apple she didn’t even know the difference between right and wrong?

Why did God lie to Eve and tell her if she ate the apple she would die that day?

Why do Christians assume the snake was the devil? There is no biblical reference to the devil in Genesis. And if it was the Devil, why doesn’t the Bible simply say so?

What is Jesus saving us from? Hell? But the illogical and immoral concept of hell is created in the Bible. The Bible saves us from something of it’s own making! Is his gift eternal life? Same logic. Where, other than the Bible, does it say we don’t live forever anyway?

Can children be born in heaven? If so, they would not have the "free choice" to choose Jesus, which according to Christians, is the entire reason for our miserable existence on earth. Also, with no death but new life, overpopulation would take on a whole new meaning. We’re talking infinity here. If no children are born, one of life’s greatest pleasures would be denied us. "But we wouldn’t care", right? If I don’t care about having children, it would not be me in heaven. Who would I be?

Is there free will in heaven? If so, people would be able to choose between good and evil. What if they choose evil? Will they be sent to Hell? But evil can’t exist in Heaven. So free choice would be between good and better?

If I make it to heaven, and all the bad parts of me are gone, what’s left? Who would I be? My personality, my humanness if you will, is due in large part to my vices as well as my virtues. What if the new me didn’t like it there?

If the Bible is the Word of God, and not written by man, why did man write it? Why didn’t it just appear out of nowhere (ala the Ten Commandments)?

How can God condemn those that make bad decisions when God knew they would make those bad decisions before He even created them?

What purpose is Hell, other than arguably the most evil and cruel place ever devised?

Punishment is normally done to teach, but in Hell’s case it has no end. If punishment in Hell has no purpose, isn’t it incredibly sick and twisted? Does that define God?

Would people in Heaven know about the people in Hell? Would they be enjoying the fact that they are here and they are there? Isn’t that sick?

Why did god use a flood to destroy mankind instead of simply removing the evil instead?

The Bible is clear about the unrighteous going to Hell. God created us. How can perfection create unrighteousness?

How can God’s own creation be unworthy of his love?


Steve Bupp said...

Hi Uncle Dave,
I'm glad that Heather told me of this sight today. Finally we can have an uncensored conversation. As you can assume from how often I get on the family sight any more, I don't have a lot of time to make reasoned posts very often. That being said, I can't tell you enough how I miss our conversations (even when we did have to censor ourselves).
I think you would be shocked to find out how much I agree with this post. I've put your sight in my "Favs" and I'll sincerely try to check back often.
I love you!

Dave said...

Steve!!! Great to hear from you, man! I sorely miss our conversations too. I was talking to your mom on the phone the other day, getting all verklempt about how I could have discussions with you and your father about religion, have major disagreements, and still walk away with love and respect. Your parents did a masterful job in giving you that skill. I love you too!